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Do You Plan to Go Back to Law?

Do you plan to ever go back to law?

I get this question a lot.

It’s been nearly four years since I did any sort of substantive legal work. When readers email me, they want to know whether I’d return to law in some capacity, or if there’s a hybrid role I, or they, can prospectively fill later in our careers that involves bridging the two worlds.

I know where this question stems, as I was guilty of asking the same to myself. When I chat about my career shift to strangers or acquaintances at parties, I’d mention leaving the possibility open to return in some form. I did this for a variety of reasons, and among them was that it just sounds good, sort of the same way in which “Securities Litigation” sounds good when a second year law student talks about what they want to practice.

It’s vague, sounds technical; sounds difficult and impressive.

Another reason is to somehow recoverĀ from the perception of disappointment from others. Other people, upon hearing your career shift might think you traded away your own position of being part of the stalwart of society for something less.

First, much of these perceptions are in your head only. Others care less about you than you think. Second, people’s perceptions of what one does for a living comes from their exposure to any number of professions, which in reality is very narrow. This is a reason why people have the misunderstanding that computing or the internet is a fad.

Where it stands today, the internet and software engineering is still in its infancy. Meaning that the demand for engineers and thinkers in the field will continue. It’s important to know that who you are, where you’ve been, and the understanding of your world may not be common but can very well be dark horse or the Black Swan.